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    I'm getting a strange "Security notice" after I updated to 4.3. It says:

    "An attempt to access a secure area on your phone without authorization has been blocked."
    "Make sure you phone is protected by updating the security policy to the latest version from Samsung."
    "For more information, visit www.samsung.com/us/secureandroid"

    Anyone know why this is happening? Is there an app that I installed that Samsung doesn't trust?

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    Re: Galaxy S4 Security notice after updating to Android 4.3

    This sounds very similar to this issue with the Note 3: http://cellphoneforums.net/samsung-g...ion-error.html

    When the error comes up again long press on the error. It'll tell you what application is causing the problem. It will more than likely say Knox, a Samsung security app. It'll sometimes be triggered when connecting and disconnecting to a wi-fi network.

    Try clearing the cache partition:
    • Turn off the phone and remove the battery, then reinsert
    • Press and hold the Volume Up key and Home key, then press and hold the Power key
    • When it vibrates release the Power key
    • The recovery menu should appear - release the other keys
    • Navigate using the Volume keys to Wipe all cache (power key to select)
    • Press the Power key to reboot

    Apparently Samsung is still working on a Fix: https://twitter.com/SamsungSupport/s...79085529403392

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    Re: Galaxy S4 Security notice after updating to Android 4.3

    encontraste como solucionarlo? me pasa lo mismo solo que ami no me da mas informacion

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