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    Since iOS and Android are two completely different mobile operating systems, at first glance it seems that transferring contacts from an iPhone to an Android-powered smartphone is a difficult task. However, that is not the case at all. Using one of the four methods below, you can easily transfer your iPhone contacts to your Samsung Galaxy Express 2. Each guide has its advantages, so pick the one that suits your needs best.

    Using iTunes to Transfer Contacts from an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy Express 2:

    This method requires you to have access to a computer that has iTunes installed. If you need to install iTunes, visit the official Apple website and download the client on your PC.

    1. Launch iTunes on your computer
    2. Connect your iPhone to your PC using the proprietary USB cable
    3. Once your iPhone has been connected, it will appear in iTunes. Click on the device to access its summary page
    4. Go to the "Info" tab and mark the check box associated with "Sync Contacts With"
    5. From the drop-down list, select "Google Contacts"
    6. If you haven't done so previously, enter your Google account and password. Alternatively, you can click "Configure" and select a previously set Google account
    7. Click "Apply" and allow iTunes to sync your iPhone contacts to your Google account
    8. On your Samsung Galaxy Express 2, register the same Google account if you haven't done so already. (Simply go to "Settings" > "Accounts")
    9. Enable the Google account to sync the previously exported contacts with your Galaxy Express 2

    Using iCloud to Transfer Contacts:

    Assuming that you've previously enabled iCloud on your iPhone, then your contacts have probably been already backed up onto your iCloud account. Using your computer, you can use this backup to transfer your contacts to the Galaxy Express 2.

    1. On your computer, visit and login with your iCloud account
    2. Go to "Contacts" to access the list of contacts
    3. Select the ones that you wish to export, and then click the icon depicting a cog wheel (located in the lower left side)
    4. Select "Export vCard". Your computer will now download a VCF file that contains the previously selected contacts
    5. Once downloaded, import the VCF file to "Google Contacts". Alternatively, skip this step and follow the next one instead:
    6. Connect your Galaxy Express 2 to your computer using the USB cable. Copy the VCF file to your phone's "sdcard" directory. Now, open the "Contacts" app on your Express 2, press the "Menu" key, select "Import / Export" > "Import from SD card" and choose the appropriate VCF file. Follow any additional self-explanatory pop-ups

    Using the "My Contacts Backup" Application to Transfer Contacts from an iPhone:

    Assuming that you don't have access to a computer, then you can still easily transfer your iPhone contacts to your Galaxy Express 2 using various applications, such as "My Contacts Backup". This app enables you to transfer contacts via email.

    1. On your iPhone, visit the App Store and download the "My Contacts Backup" application
    2. Once installed, open the app and tap "Backup" to create a backup of your iPhone contacts
    3. After the backup is complete, tap "Email" to attach the backup VCF file to an email
    4. Use your own Gmail address as the recipient (the one you use on your Express 2), and send the email containing the VCF file attachment
    5. On your Android device, open the email containing the attachment and download the VCF file to import the contacts to your device

    Using the "Bump" App to Transfer Contacts:

    "Bump" is yet another user-friendly application that enables you to easily transfer contacts from an iPhone to the Galaxy Express 2, without the need of a computer. Keep in mind that this app makes use of cloud computing, so both your smartphones need to have an active Internet connection

    1. Install "Bump" on both your iPhone and the Galaxy Express 2
    2. Open the application on both phones, and allow permissions when prompted to do so
    3. On the iPhone, swipe until you reach the contacts section
    4. In the list of contacts, select the one(s) that you wish to share
    5. After the "Bump now!" label appears in the top-right corner, you can gently bump the two phones together in order to establish a connection between them
    6. Press the "Connect" button on both handsets and wait for the transfer to commence. Your previously selected contacts will now be sent to the Express 2

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    Re: Transferring Contacts from an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy Express 2

    There are 5 ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy.
    You could find some of information from the article.

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