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    Samsung has recently announced the Galaxy Core Advance, a 4.7 inch mid-range smartphone powered by a dual-core CPU and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. In case this phone ticks your boxes and you wonder how you might be able to transfer contacts from an iPhone over to the Core Advance, then fret not. Below you will find a handful of tips on how you can easily share your iPhone contacts with the new Core.

    Using iTunes to Transfer iPhone Contacts:

    As some of you should know, iTunes is more than just a music player, and it actually allows you to sync data from your iPhone. In other words, you can use iTunes to transfer your iPhone contacts to the Galaxy Core Advance. To do so:

    1. Install iTunes on your computer if necessary, and open the software
    2. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the proprietary USB cable
    3. The handset should now appear in iTunes. Click it to access its summary page
    4. Click the "Info" tab, and then place a mark in the "Sync Contacts With" check box
    5. Select "Google Contacts" from the drop-down menu
    6. If you haven't done so before, enter your Google account and password. Alternatively, click "Configure" and select a previously added Google account
    7. Next, click "Apply" to allow iTunes to sync the iPhone contacts with your Google account
    8. On your Galaxy Core Advance, register the aforementioned Google account, if necessary. To do so, go to "Settings" > "Accounts"
    9. Lastly, allow the Google account to sync the contacts with your Samsung handset

    Using iCloud to Transfer iPhone Contacts:

    Since you own an iPhone, chances are that you've used the iCloud service before. If so, then your contacts should've already been backed up onto your iCloud account. These contacts can be exported over to the Core Advance. To do so:

    1. Open the Internet browser on your PC, and visit www.icloud.com
    2. Log in with your account and go to "Contacts" to view the list
    3. Select the desired contacts, and click the icon shaped like a cog wheel (located at the bottom-left)
    4. Select "Export vCard". Your computer will now download a VCF file containing the previously specified contacts
    5. Once the download is complete, import the VCF file to "Google Contacts". Alternatively, skip this step, and follow the next one instead:
    6. Connect your Galaxy Core Advance to your computer via USB, copy the VCF file into your "sdcard" directory, open the "Contacts" app, press "Menu", select "Import / Export" > "Import from SD card", and specify the proper VCF file

    Using the "My Contacts Backup" Application to Transfer Contacts:

    If you don't have access to a computer, then you need not worry. You can still transfer contacts with ease, using various applications such as My Contacts Backup. To do so:

    1. Visit the App Store on your iPhone
    2. Download the "My Contacts Backup" app
    3. Open the application and tap "Backup" in order to create a VCF file containing your iPhone contacts
    4. Once the file has been created, select "Email" to open a new email containing the VCF file as an attachment
    5. Send the email with the attachment to your own Gmail address (the one you use on your Galaxy Core Advance)
    6. On your Samsung handset, open the email and download the VCF file in order to import the contacts

    Using the "Bump" Application to Transfer Contacts:

    Another useful and user friendly application for transferring contacts is "Bump". This app makes use of cloud technology to transfer contacts from your iPhone to the Core Advance. You don't need access to a computer, Bluetooth or NFC for this method, but you do need an active Internet connection on both smartphones

    1. Use your iPhone to visit the App Store and download "Bump"
    2. Open the Play Store on your Samsung handset, and download the same app
    3. Launch the application on both smartphones
    4. If prompted, allow permissions on both devices
    5. On the iPhone, access the contacts section
    6. In the list of contacts, select those that you wish to share with your Galaxy Core Advance
    7. Once the "Bump now!" label appears in the top-right corner, you can gently bump the two smartphones together
    8. A "Connect" button should now pop-up on both handsets. When it does, tap it to begin the transfer

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