The Samsung Galaxy S4 is roughly 8 months old, meaning that the handset in question is still the best handset in the Galaxy S series. Although the Galaxy S5 is expected to make an appearance sometime within the next few months, the S4 remains the most powerful Samsung smartphone around. With that in mind, you should know that the Korean manufacturer plans on launching Android 4.4 on the device, but it may take a while before that happens. More so, carriers tend to delay software updates as well.

The good news is that custom ROMs are always being released quicker than official updates, and third party developers also launch ROMs while they are still in development. As such, while you wait for the official release, you can still experience Android 4.4 on your device, if you're willing to apply an unofficial ROM.

This is a guide that will show you how you can install the Android 4.4 and CM 11-based AOKP custom ROM by Team Kang, on your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4. Keep in mind that this ROM is a "nightly", which means it's under development and may contain bugs. However, new nightly builds are being released in a timely manner.


  • This guide and ROM have been designed for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4. Don't attempt to apply this ROM on any other Galaxy S4 variant!
  • In order to apply this ROM, you need to have root access on your device, and you also need to have the latest version of CWM or TWRP recovery installed
  • Keep in mind that this ROM comes with vanilla Android UI. As such, the TouchWiz user interface will no longer be available after the installation
  • You will need to factory reset your device during the installation process. Create backups if necessary
  • Applications such as "Helium", "SMS backup & restore" and "APN Settings Backup & Restore" can help you backup app data, text messages and APN Internet settings
  • To backup your accounts, simply sync them with your Google account
  • This guide includes steps on how to create a NANDROID backup of your ROM
  • Before moving on, ensure that your smartphone's battery is at least 70% full
  • Enable "USB Debugging" before proceeding, as you will need this feature once you connect your SGS4 to your computer. To enable this, go to "Settings" > "About device" and then tap "Build number" until the developer options menu is visible. Return to "Settings" > "Developer options" and enable "USB Debugging"
  • This guide includes unofficial operations so you will void your warranty. If you brick your phone or lose any data, you can't hold the developers or anyone else responsible. Proceed at your own risk
  • Don't skip any steps

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 – Install AOKP KitKat Custom ROM using CWM Recovery:

  1. Using your computer, visit this link and download the latest AOKP nightly build available
  2. Download the Google apps package from this link
  3. Connect your smartphone to your PC using the USB cable
  4. Copy the downloaded files onto your phone's storage
  5. After the transfer, disconnect your smartphone and turn it off
  6. Enter CWM recovery. To do so, press and hold the "Volume Up", "Home" and "Power" buttons simultaneously
  7. Create a NANDROID backup of your current ROM. To do so, select "Backup & restore" and follow any self-explanatory steps. Don't skip this step!
  8. With the backup in place, return to the main CWM screen and select "data wipeout / factory reset". From the "Advanced" menu, select "dalvik cache" and "wipe cache" as well
  9. From the main CWM screen, select "Install zip from SD card" and load the AOKP zip file
  10. Select "Install zip from SD card" again, and load the Google apps zip file as well
  11. After both zips have been applied, select "+++Go Back+++" and then select "Reboot system now"

NOTE: You will notice that the first reboot after installation will take several minutes to complete. Assuming that the process does not end in 10 minutes, or if your smartphone restarts constantly, then the installation process has not been successful. Retry the entire guide and make sure that you have properly factory reset your handset

NOTE: You can use the NANDROID backup to return to your previous ROM, if needed. To do so, reboot your Sprint SGS4 in CWM recovery and select "backup & restore", followed by the appropriate backup file

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 – Install AOKP KitKat Custom ROM using TWRP Recovery:

  1. Download the latest AOKP nightly build from this link
  2. Visit this link to download the Google apps zip file (remember that custom ROMs do not include Google apps by default)
  3. Establish a connection between your SGS4 and your computer using the USB cable
  4. Copy the downloaded zip files onto your phone's storage. After the files have been copied, disconnect it and turn it off
  5. Reboot your smartphone in TWRP recovery by pressing and holding the "Volume Down", "Power" and "Home" buttons simultaneously
  6. Create a NANDROID backup. Tap "Backup", select the type of data that you wish to save, assign a name to the file and then swipe the "Swipe to Backup" button
  7. Return to the main TWRP screen and select "Wipe", as well as "Wipe cache" and "Dalvik cache" from the "Advanced" menu. Complete the operation by swiping the "Swipe to wipe" button
  8. Go back to the main recovery screen and tap "Install". Browse for the AOKP file and load it
  9. Tap "Install" again and select the Google apps zip file
  10. Once both AOKP and the Gapps zips have been installed, return to the main recovery screen and select "Reboot"

NOTE: When you first reboot your smartphone after flashing a new ROM, you will notice that the process takes longer than usual. That's normal. Nevertheless, in case the process does not finish in 10 minutes, or if your smartphone is stuck in a boot loop, then you'll need to redo the entire guide. Make sure you haven't skipped any steps and bullet points, and ensure that you've properly applied the factory reset

NOTE: in case you need or want to return to your previous ROM, use the NANDROID backup to do so. Reboot in TWRP recovery, tap "Restore" and load the appropriate backup file

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