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    The original Samsung Galaxy Note is a very iconic smartphone, mainly because it has been the first real successful "phablet". The device opened the floodgates for a wave of oversized smartphones, and today we not only have the Note 3 available, but a ton of other phablets at our disposal.

    Unfortunately, the original Note is a bit old by today's standards, and Samsung has stopped supporting it. As such, the device in question will no longer receive any software updates, and Android 4.4 KitKat is out of the question. The good news, however, is that you can still experience the latest mobile OS from Google, with the help of custom ROMs.

    This guide will allow you to apply the SlimSaber custom ROM on your Galaxy Note, model number N7000. Keep in mind that this is not an official release.


    • This ROM has been designed solely for the Samsung Galaxy Note model number N7000. Don't attempt to apply this ROM on any other device or Note variant
    • This ROM comes with stock Android UI, so you will no longer be able to use TouchWiz features
    • In order to apply this ROM, you need to have a rooted Note running the most recent version of CWM or TWRP recovery
    • The installation process requires you to factory reset your device and wipe its cache partition. As such, it's highly advised that you create backups
    • You can easily backup your contacts by syncing them with your Google account
    • Using applications such as "Helium", "SMS backup & restore" and "APN Settings Backup & Restore", you can backup app data, text messages and APN Internet settings respectively
    • Below you will find steps on how to create a NANDROID backup of your current ROM
    • Make sure that your smartphone has enough "juice" to last throughout the installation process. The battery should be at least 70% charged
    • You will be required to connect your smartphone to a computer, so you need to enable USB Debugging beforehand. Go to "Settings" > "Developer Options" and enable "USB Debugging"
    • Make sure that you have the proper Samsung USB drivers installed on your PC, so that your device is recognized
    • This is an advanced guide. Proceed at your own risk. If you brick your phone or lose important data, you cannot hold anyone responsible

    Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000) Install Android 4.4.2 SlimSaber Custom ROM Using CWM Recovery:

    1. Using your PC's Internet browser, visit this link and download the most recent SlimSaber ROM file
    2. Download the Android 4.4.2 Google apps package from this link
    3. Use the USB cable to connect your smartphone to your computer
    4. Copy the downloaded files onto your Note's storage (don't unzip the files)
    5. After the transfer is complete, disconnect your device and turn it off
    6. Reboot in CWM recovery by pressing and holding "Volume Down", "Power" and "Home" simultaneously. Then, select "Recovery" from the options menu
    7. Now, you need to create a NANDROID backup. Select "backup & restore", and follow any additional steps to create the file
    8. Once in CWM recovery, select "data wipeout / factory reset". Also, go to the "Advanced options" menu and select "wipe cache" and "dalvik cache"
    9. Return to the recovery screen and select "Install zip from SD card"
    10. Load the SlimSaber custom ROM
    11. Select "Install zip from SD card" again, and load the Google apps package
    12. Once both files have been installed, select "+++Go Back+++", followed by "Reboot System Now"

    NOTE: it will take several minutes for your Note to reboot after a fresh ROM installation. Be patient. However, if the process does not end in 10 minutes, or if your smartphone keeps restarting, then you need to redo the entire guide. Make sure you haven't missed any steps, and that you've properly factory reset your device.

    NOTE: Using the NANDROID backup, you can return to your previous ROM, should you choose to do so. Simply reboot in CWM recovery, select "backup & restore" and load the backup file

    Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000) Install Android 4.4.2 SlimSaber Custom ROM Using TWRP Recovery:

    1. Using your computer, visit this link and download the latest SlimSaber ROM zip file
    2. From this link, download the Google apps package for Android 4.4.2
    3. Connect your Note to your computer using the USB cable
    4. Copy the two zip files and paste them onto your smartphone's storage
    5. After the files have been copied, disconnect your smartphone and power it off
    6. Reboot the Note in TWRP recovery mode. First, press and hold the "Volume down", "Home" and "Power" buttons, and then select the "Recovery" option from the fastboot menu
    7. From the main recovery screen, tap "Backup" to create a NANDROID backup of your ROM. Then, select the type of data that you want to save, rename the file and complete by swiping the "Swipe to Backup" button
    8. With the backup file created, fully factory reset your device. Tap "Wipe", and from the "Advanced" menu, select "wipe cache" and "dalvik cache". Complete the operation by swiping the "Swipe to wipe" button
    9. From the main TWRP screen, tap "Install" and browse for the SlimSaber zip file
    10. Return and tap "Install" again. Then, load the Android 4.4.2 zip file as well
    11. With both files flashed, go back to the recovery screen and tap "Reboot"

    NOTE: When you reboot your smartphone for the first time after applying a new ROM, you will notice that the process takes longer than usual. Be patient. However, if the process does not end in 10 minutes, or if your smartphone is stuck in a boot loop, then redo the entire guide and make sure you haven't missed any steps. Also, usually these issues occur when the smartphone has not been properly factory reset.

    NOTE: if you want or need to, you can return to your previous ROM using the NANDROID backup that you've created previously. Simply reboot your smartphone in TWRP recovery, tap "Restore" and load the appropriate file

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