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    Hi, so recently I've been encountering a problem with my galaxy s4 GT-I9500.

    So out of the blue sometimes my phone shuts off(even though I have 60-70% battery life left) and then when I try to boot it up again it says Im at 0% and connect to a usb, shuts off(since its saying 0%, when 1-2 minute ago it was 60%).

    So. I was outside once, it shut off at 66%, couple hours later I turned it on(this is without charging after it shut off) it was back to 66%.

    Weird **** is happening to the phone..

    Sometimes when it shuts off, I have to plug it in again and itll start charging from 0%.

    Now is this a battery problem? Should I get a new battery or what? Very confused what the hell is happening.

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    Re: Phone randomly shutting down? [Samsung Galaxy S4]

    Hi Darksmasher,

    Believe it or not, something similar happened to my HTC One X about a month ago. My phone started to shut down at around 25-30% and when I tried restarting it, it showed me the same levels, but it kept shutting down / restarting. In my case, the problem fixed itself. I did a full recharge and everything went back to normal. I assume that the battery level was simply not being shown correctly.

    In your case, it could be many things. It could be a hardware issue with the battery or the charging system. Or, it could be software related. Are you using a custom ROM, or stock? If it's a ROM, then that's a prime candidate for your problem. Try installing a different one, or rolling back to stock OS.

    If you're not using custom ROMs, then perhaps you might want to backup your data and perform a full factory reset on your device. You can visit this link to learn how to do it.

    If that didn't help, then you might want to try out a new battery. It would be great if you could borrow one from a friend before making a purchase.

    Worst case scenario, if none of the above helped and the hardware is faulty, then you might want to contact Samsung or the store you bought it from, and see if they can fix / change your device. Hopefully you still have warranty. (Oh, and, don't go there with a custom ROM installed)

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