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    Clearing the Cache Partition:

    In case you have issues with your device, it works too slow, it crashes etc. then you might need to factory reset it. First however, you might want to clear the cache partition and see if that helps. Unlike master resetting a device, clearing its cache will not result in data loss. To clear the Express 2 cache partition:

    1. Turn off your smartphone
    2. Press and hold the "Volume Up", "Home" and "Power" buttons at the same time
    3. As soon as the device vibrates, release the "Power" button but continue to hold the other two keys
    4. Release the "Volume Up" and "Home" buttons when the "Android System Recovery" appears
    5. Use the Volume keys to navigate to and highlight "wipe cache partition"
    6. Press "Power" to select the option. Your smartphone will now clear the cache and restart in normal mode

    Master Resetting From the Settings Menu:

    If clearing the cache didn't help, then you can apply a factory reset through the settings menu. WARNING: Master resetting a device will result in loss of personal data stored on the internal storage. This includes downloaded content, images, contacts, ringtones, apps etc. Factory resetting your device will not affect data stored on the SIM or SD cards.

    1. Before starting, backup your data if necessary
    2. Go to the home screen and press the "Menu" key
    3. Tap "Settings" and go to the "Accounts" tab
    4. Select "Backup & reset"
    5. If desired, you can clear the check boxes associated with "Automatic restore" and "Back up my data"
    6. Tap "Factory data reset" > "Reset device"
    7. If prompted, enter your screen lock PIN or password and tap "Continue"
    8. Tap "Delete all" to confirm

    Applying a Factory Reset with Hardware Keys:

    If your smartphone is frozen, can't boot completely or it crashes before you get the chance to reset it from the settings menu, then you can still apply a factory reset using the hardware buttons. WARNING: once again, backup your data if necessary, as you will lose all personal files stored on the internal storage.

    1. Turn off your smartphone
    2. Press and hold "Volume Up", "Home" and "Power" at the same time
    3. After the phone vibrates once, release the "Power" button
    4. Keep holding "Volume Up" and "Home" until the "Android System Recovery" appears
    5. From the menu, use the "Volume" buttons to navigate to "wipe data / factory reset"
    6. Press "Power" to confirm the selection
    7. Navigate to "delete all user data" using the volume buttons
    8. Press the "Power" button again to start the resetting process
    9. When the "Reboot system now" is highlighted, press the "Power" key to reboot your device in normal mode

    Rebooting in Safe Mode:

    Safe mode is a great way to get rid of a 3rd party application that causes issues with your device, and otherwise blocks you from uninstalling it. In safe mode, all 3rd party apps are disabled. To reboot your device in safe mode and uninstall a problematic app:

    1. Turn off your smartphone
    2. Press and hold "Power"
    3. As soon as the "Samsung Galaxy" screen pops-up, release the button, and immediately press and hold "Volume Down"
    4. Keep holding "Volume down" until the smartphone restarts and you see a "Safe mode" banner in the bottom-left corner of the screen
    5. To uninstall the app, press "Menu" while on the home screen
    6. Tap "Settings" and go to "More"
    7. Tap "Application manager"
    8. Swipe to the "Downloaded" list
    9. Select the desired application, tap "Uninstall" > "OK" to confirm

    To disable safe mode: press and hold the "Power" button and select "Restart"

    See More: Samsung Galaxy Express 2 - Troubleshooting: Master Reset; Clear Cache Partition; Boot in Safe Mode
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