In case you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and you get the "Prevention information" pop-up message (as seen below), then these tips might help you solve the issue.

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NOTE: a "Prevention information" message usually appears when a 3rd party application attempts to access the Security Enhanced Android files. However, this does not necessarily mean that the application is malicious. It could be that the app has out of date security certificates, or that it simply attempts to access files beyond of what's expected. The message may also pop-up when connecting to a Wi-Fi access point with unverified security certificates.

To try and solve this issue:

  • If requested to update the certificate, select "Do not show for 30 days" and tap "Update"
  • Tap "Do not show for 30 days" and tap "OK" (this will not fix the issue, but it will prevent the pop-up from appearing)
  • Try uninstalling any recent 3rd party applications that may cause the message to appear
  • Go to "Settings " > "Security" > "Unknown sources". Once there, keep in mind that it's best to leave unknown sources unchecked whenever possible. (Avoid these issues by installing apps only from the Play Store or the Samsung App store)
  • In case the "Prevention information" keeps appearing, then you might have to contact Samsung (or wait for a software update). Keep in mind that master resetting your smartphone might not solve the problem!

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