Some Samsung Galaxy S4 owners have complained that their on-screen keyboard touch sounds are enabled despite the fact that all sounds are disabled. This is not an error, and it is due to the fact that keyboard sounds are separate from notification sounds. As such, you will hear keyboard sounds even if everything else is muted.

To disable keyboard sounds on a Samsung on-screen keyboard:

  1. Open a new SMS or open an application that uses the keyboard
  2. Tap and hold the "Microphone" icon located at the bottom-left side of the screen. This will result in four more settings to open
  3. Tap the last option depicting a cog wheel (settings)
  4. Tap "Advanced" and clear the check box associated with "Key-Tap sound"
  5. Keyboard sounds should now be disabled

To disable keyboard sounds on Swype Keyboard:

  1. Open an application that uses the on-screen keyboard, such as "SMS"
  2. Press and hold the Swype keyboard in order to make the list of additional settings appear
  3. Tap "Preferences"
  4. Clear the "Sound on Key Press" check box
  5. Test and see if this fixed your issue

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