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    when you switch from iphone to samsung galaxy phones, you may need to transfer data (contacts, photos, songs) from old iphone to samsung. here is a video for that, just connect two phones with your mac computer. it's very easy to use. works well with all iphone from 3gs to 5s and all new samsung galaxy phones s series and note series.


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    Re: Easily transfer data from iPhone to samsung galaxy phones

    in fact, iPhone can not transfer data directly to Android. Someone says that we can transfer data from iPhone to Android or in turn via email, iCloud, even iTunes. but you must backup data from iPhone via iCloud or email on PC. then transfer them to Android via USB. I provide a way to transfer music from iPhone to Android, and U can follow to move other files.
    1. Set up iCloud both on iPhone and also laptop. Set up the Windows edition if your PC is with Windows OPERATING-SYSTEM.
    2. Start the Synchronize feature of the iCloud in the iPhone options.
    3. Sign in the iCloud with the Apple ID on the laptop, and you can to control your iPhone data files at this point.
    4. Pick the music in your iPhone and synchronize them in your Computer's iCloud, if you like to put them in selected folders, you’re able to down load the music to your local folder.
    5. Transfer music which is on PC to Android Phone via USB.

    However, the method above is a bit trouble, you can also try some software to transfer data between iPhone and Android such as Phone Transfer. that also work well..

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