Clearing the App Cache:

NOTE: if one of your applications isn't working properly, it freezes or crashes a lot, then you might fix these issues by clearing the app's cache or data.

WARNING! Clearing an app's data will delete all personal information stored within the app, including profiles, high scores, settings, user information, credit card information etc.

However, clearing an app's cache will not result in the deletion of personal data, so you should try this approach first and see if the problems can be fixed this way.

  1. Tap the "Apps" icon located on the home screen
  2. Tap "Settings" > "More"
  3. Touch "Application manager" and go to the "All" tab
  4. Choose the app and tap "Clear cache"
  5. Confirm by pressing "OK"
  6. If clearing the cache hasn't fixed the issue, you can try "Clear data" > "OK"

Clearing the Cache Partition:

NOTE: if your phone is not working correctly, you can try and fix the issues by clearing the phone's cache partition. Unlike a master reset, wiping the cache will not result in the deletion of personal data stored on the internal memory. To reset the cache:

  1. Turn off the smartphone
  2. Press and hold "Volume up", "Home" and "Power" at the same time
  3. Once the device vibrates once, release the "Power" key but continue holding the other two
  4. After the "Android System Recovery" screen appears, release all hardware keys
  5. Use the "Volume Down" button to highlight "Wipe cache partition"
  6. Press "Power" to select the option. Your smartphone will wipe the cache and automatically reboot after the process is done

NOTE: if clearing the cache partition hasn't fixed the issues, you may want to back up your files (hit this link to learn how) and then apply a factory reset (hit this link for a full guide on resetting the Galaxy Beam 2).

Safe Mode

NOTE: In safe mode, all third party applications are disabled. This feature can become very handy in case one of your applications has odd behaviors, causes issues and prevents you from uninstalling it while running. To enter safe mode:

  1. Turn off the smartphone
  2. Press and hold the "Power" button
  3. Once the "Samsung Galaxy" splash screen pops-up, release the "Power" key, and immediately press and hold "Volume down" instead
  4. Continue pressing "Volume down" until the smartphone reboots. A "Safe mode" label should be present in the lower-left corner

Uninstalling a Third Party App in Safe Mode:

  1. Press the "Menu" key while on the home screen
  2. Tap "Settings"
  3. Access the "More" tab
  4. Tap "Application manager"
  5. Swipe to the "Downloaded" screen
  6. Select the desired app
  7. Tap "Uninstall" > "OK"
  8. To exit safe mode, press and hold the "Power" button and tap "Restart"

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