Using Google Sync to Transfer Contacts:

One of the most popular contact transfer methods for Android users is via Google sync. On short, you can sync the contacts stored on your Samsung Galaxy SIII with your Google account, and then you can add the account on the Galaxy K Zoom and allow it to sync the contacts with your smartphone. To perform this transfer method:

  1. Sign in with your Google account on the Samsung Galaxy SIII
  2. From the home screen, press the "Menu" key
  3. Tap "Settings" and scroll to "My Accounts"
  4. Select "Google"
  5. Tap your email address or user name
  6. Clear and mark the check box associated with "Sync Contacts". Alternatively, you can tap "Sync now"
  7. On the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, sign in with the same Google account as the one used on the SIII
  8. From the home screen, tap "Apps"
  9. Access the phone's "Settings" menu
  10. Scroll to "User and backup" and tap "Accounts"
  11. Select your account under "My accounts"
  12. Tap an account and press "Menu"
  13. Select "Sync all" and you should now receive the contacts on the K Zoom

Using the "Import / Export" function to Transfer Contacts:

This method of contact transfer implies that you export the contacts from your Galaxy SIII in the form of a vCard file, which can then be imported on the Galaxy K Zoom either via email, or through a computer.

  1. Launch the "Contacts" app on the Galaxy SIII
  2. Access the "Contacts" tab
  3. Press "Menu" and tap "Contacts to display" > "All contacts"
  4. Press "Menu" and select "Import / Export"
  5. Tap "Export to SD card" and write down the name of the backup file
  6. Tap "OK"
  7. Launch the email client on the Galaxy SIII and attach the vCard backup file to it
  8. Send the email to your own Gmail address
  9. On the Galaxy K Zoom, open the email containing the vCard file and download the attachment
  10. Launch the "Contacts" application and press "Menu", then tap "Import / Export" > "Import from SD card"
  11. Select an account if needed, and load the desired vCard file

NOTE: you can share the vCard file from one phone to another without needing an email account. To do this, you need to connect both smartphones to your computer via USB, and copy the file from the SGSIII's storage to the K Zoom's internal or external memory.

Using "Send Anywhere" to Transfer Contacts:

This last method of contact transfer requires you to download a third party application, but it allows you to transfer the contacts without having to send them via email, or transfer them using a computer. Send Anywhere is an app that can be used for file and contact transfer cross-platform, via a peer-2-peer connection. To perform this method:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and install "Send Anywhere" on both Samsung devices
  2. Launch the app on both your smartphones
  3. From the sender device (which is the Galaxy SIII in this case) tap "Send"
  4. Tap "Contacts" and mark the contacts that you want to send to the K Zoom
  5. Tap "Send" and select the desired transfer method

NOTE: At the final step, you can tap "Generate QR Code" on the SGSIII in order to create a QR code which can be scanned with the K Zoom's camera to commence the transfer. Alternatively, you can tap "Receive" on the Galaxy K Zoom and enter the randomly generated transfer code from the SIII

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