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    Transferring Contacts using a Google Account:

    You can easily transfer the contacts from your Galaxy Mini (whether it’s the SIII or S4) by simply syncing the contacts with a Google account. Then, you can use the same Google account on the Samsung Galaxy S5, and allow it to sync the contacts with the newer Samsung smartphone. To do so:

    1. Sign in with your Google account on the Mini
    2. Press the "Menu" key while viewing a home screen
    3. Tap "Settings" and go to "My accounts"
    4. Select "Google" and tap your "user name" or "email address"
    5. Clear and mark the "Sync Contacts" check box, or simply tap "Sync now"
    6. Switch over to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and register the same Google account as the one used on the Mini
    7. From the home screen, tap "Apps"
    8. Tap "Settings" and scroll to "User and Backup"
    9. Tap "Accounts", select an account and tap "Menu"
    10. Tap "Sync all" and the contacts should now be transferred to the Galaxy S5

    Transferring Contacts using the "Import / Export" Function:

    Using the smartphone's "Contacts" application, you can export the contacts stored on the Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini / S4 Mini in the form of a vCard file, which can then be easily transferred to the Samsung Galaxy S5 via email or by using a computer. To do so:

    1. Open the "Contacts" application on the Galaxy Mini
    2. Access the "Contacts" tab and press "Menu"
    3. Tap "Contacts to display" > "All contacts"
    4. Press the "Menu" key and tap "Import / Export"
    5. Select "Export to SD card"
    6. Remember to write down the backup file's name before tapping "OK"
    7. Next up, open the email client and compose a new email with the vCard file attached to it
    8. Send the email to your own Gmail address
    9. Switch over to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and open the email
    10. Download the attached vCard file, and launch the "Contacts" application. Then, press "Menu" and tap "Import / Export" > "Import from SD card"
    11. If necessary, select an account and then load the vCard file

    NOTE: Once you have created the VCF file on the Mini, you can transfer it to the Galaxy S5 using a computer. To do so, connect both smartphones to the PC via USB, and simply transfer the vCard file from one phone's internal storage to the other.

    Transferring Contacts via "Send Anywhere":

    Lastly, if you prefer transferring contacts via applications, then "Send Anywhere" might offer exactly what you're looking for. This is a cross-platform app that can transfer contacts and various other types of files via a peer-2-peer connection.

    1. Visit the Google Play Store and install "Send Anywhere" on both the Mini and the Galaxy S5
    2. Once installed, launch the application on both handsets
    3. From the Galaxy SIII / S4 Mini, tap "Send" > "Contacts"
    4. Mark the contacts that you want to share and tap "Send"
    5. Finally, choose the method of transfer. You can tap "Receive" on the Samsung Galaxy S5, and type in the randomly generated code from the Mini in order to begin the transfer. Alternatively, you can tap "Generate QR Code" on the Mini, and scan the code with the Galaxy S5's camera in order to commence the transfer

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    Re: Transfer Contacts from a Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini / S4 Mini to the Samsung Galaxy S5

    Vous pouvez connecter samsung s4 et s5 à l'ordinateur séparément et utiliser une application de sauvegarde de données android pour transférer des données entre eux. Ce type d'application peut transférer des messages texte, des contacts, des photos, etc.
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    Re: Transfer Contacts from a Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini / S4 Mini to the Samsung Galaxy S5

    Text automatically translated from: Spanish to: English
    Hi, passing data between Samsung is more easy than you can imagine. I've just tested a herramientita call Data Transfer Phone. Highly recommended to move contacts from a Samsung to a other directamento, you do not need to use or Google accounts nor the complicated settings. You can also do much more things than this. Query this guide to find out more.

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