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    Transferring Contacts via a Google Account:

    With the help of your Google account, you can easily transfer the contacts stored on the Galaxy S4 mini by first syncing them to the said account. Then, you can re-sync the contacts with the Galaxy S5 Active.

    1. Log in with your Google account on the SGS4 mini
    2. From the home screen, press "Menu"
    3. Tap "Settings" and swipe to "My accounts"
    4. Tap "Google" and then tap your "user name" or "email address"
    5. Mark and then clear the "Sync Contacts" check box. Alternatively, tap "Sync now"
    6. On the SGS5 Active, sign in with the same Google account
    7. Tap "Apps" while viewing the home screen and go to "Settings"
    8. Tap "Accounts", and select an account
    9. Press "Menu" and tap "Sync all". The contacts should now be synced on the S5 Active

    Transferring Contacts via the "Contacts" App:

    You can use the "Contacts" application on both the SGS4 mini and the SGS5 Active in order to transfer your contacts from one phone to the other. After exporting the contacts on the S4 mini via the said app, you can transfer the resulting VCF file to the SGS5 Active via email, or using a computer as explained below:

    1. On the S4 mini, launch the "Contacts" app
    2. Access the "Contacts" tab and tap "menu"
    3. Tap "Contacts to display" > "All contacts"
    4. Press "Menu" > "Import / Export"
    5. Tap "Export to SD card" and make sure you remember the backup file's name before tapping "OK"
    6. Launch the email application and start a new email
    7. Attach the exported VCF file to the email, and send it to your own Gmail address
    8. On the Galaxy S5 Active, open the email and download the attached vCard file
    9. After the file has been downloaded, launch the "Contacts" app
    10. From there, press "Menu" > "Import / Export" / "Import from SD card"
    11. Select an account if necessary, and tap the vCard file to load its contents

    NOTE: after the VCF file has been obtained on the S4 mini, it can be transferred to the S5 Active using a computer, by connecting both smartphones to it via USB and manually transferring the VCF file from the S4 mini to the S5 Active's "sdcard" directory. After the transfer, import the file using the "Contacts" app, as explained above

    Using "Send Anywhere":

    Last but not least, Send Anywhere is a third party application that uses a peer-2-peer connection in order to transfer contacts from one phone to another, without needing access to a computer. To perform this method:

    1. Go to the Google Play Store and download "Send Anywhere" on both Samsung gadgets
    2. Open the app on both handsets
    3. From the S4 mini, tap "Send" > "Contacts"
    4. Choose the contacts you wish to transfer and then tap "Send"
    5. Lastly, select a method of transfer. By tapping "Receive" on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, you can enter the randomly generated transfer code found on the S4 mini. Alternatively, tap "Generate QR Code" on the mini, and scan the code with the Active's camera to proceed with the file transfer

    See More: Transfer Contacts from a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini to the Galaxy S5 Active
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    Re: Transfer Contacts from a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini to the Galaxy S5 Active

    Quote Originally Posted by wchaa View Post
    Text automatically translated from: French to: English
    Actually, there're many android data transfer apps could transfer data between android device and computer.
    You can transfer contacts from s4 to computer first, then connect the s5 to computer and import contacts from computer to it.
    that's right, we can connect two phones to computer separately to transfer data between them
    how to transfer samsung data to computer
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    Re: Transfer Contacts from a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini to the Galaxy S5 Active

    1.The cleanest way to copy the contacts from one phone to another is to connect the phone via data transfer program to manually copy the desired contacts.
    2.Personally,I used to copy contacts to SIM card,and it will be saved in my card.When I have a new phone, it can be moved the new phone.

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    Re: Transfer Contacts from a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini to the Galaxy S5 Active

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