Clearing an Application's Cache / Data:

NOTE: If one of your applications isn't working as intended then you might be able to fix these issues by clearing the app's cache or data.

WARNING! Clearing an app's data will result in the deletion of all personal information stored within the app, including login information, saved games, settings, high scores etc. As such, it's recommended that you first try fixing these problems by clearing the app's cache.

  1. Tap "Apps" while viewing a home screen
  2. Tap "Settings"
  3. Scroll to "Applications" and tap "Application manager"
  4. Swipe to the "All", "Downloaded", "SD card" or "Running" screen
  5. Select the desired application
  6. Tap "Clear cache"
  7. If necessary, tap "Clear data" > "OK"

Wiping the Phone's Cache Partition:

NOTE: Much like how clearing an app's cache can solve issues, wiping the phone's cache partition can fix various problems with your phone, without having to actually master reset it. Unlike a master reset, clearing the cache will not delete your personal data stored on the phone's internal memory. To perform a cache wipe:

  1. Turn off your smartphone
  2. Press and hold the "Volume Up", "Home" and "Power" buttons at the same time
  3. When the phone vibrates, release the "Power" button but keep holding "Volume Up" and "Home" pressed
  4. At the "Android System Recovery" screen, release all hardware buttons
  5. Press "Volume Down" to navigate to and highlight "Wipe cache partition"
  6. Press "Power" to select the highlighted option
  7. When the "Reboot system now" is highlighted, the cache has been wiped. Press "Power" to reboot your phone

NOTE: If wiping the cache partition has not solved the problems with your device, then you might want to consider factory resetting it. To learn how you can master reset the Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus, visit this link.

Safe Mode Management

NOTE: If one of your third party apps is causing problems and it prevents you from uninstalling it, then you should be able to easily remove it from safe mode. In safe mode, all third party apps are disabled, so whatever background process was preventing you from uninstalling the app, you'll be able to easily remove it via safe mode.

Entering Safe Mode:

  1. Turn off the smartphone
  2. Press and hold the "Power" button
  3. At the "Samsung" splash screen, release the "Power" key and immediately press and hold "Volume down" instead
  4. Keep holding the volume key until the phone finishes restarting
  5. Once the phone is rebooted, a "Safe Mode" message should be displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen

Uninstalling a Third Party App in Safe Mode:

  1. Tap "Apps" while on the home screen and go to "Settings"
  2. Scroll to "Applications" and tap "Application manager"
  3. Go to the "Downloaded" screen
  4. Select the desired application
  5. Tap "Uninstall" > "OK"

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