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    Using iTunes:

    NOTE: With iTunes installed on your computer, you can sync the contacts from your iPhone with a Google account. Doing so allows you to resync the contacts from the account with your Galaxy S6. This method requires a computer with Internet access.

    1. Launch iTunes on the computer
    2. Establish a USB connection between the iPhone and PC
    3. Once connected, click the iPhone in iTunes to view the summary page
    4. Access the "Info" tab and check the "Sync Contacts With" option
    5. From the drop-down menu select "Google Contacts"
    6. Sign in with your Google account, or optionally click "Configure" and choose an existing account if applicable
    7. Click "Apply" and wait for the syncing process to end
    8. Next, register the Google account on the Galaxy S6 and allow it to sync contacts with your phone

    Using iCloud:

    NOTE: If you've used the iCloud backup service on your iPhone, the contacts stored on your device should also be backed up on your iCloud account. Access it using a computer connected to the Internet and you can export the contacts for Android use:

    1. Launch the Internet browser on your computer
    2. Visit https://www.icloud.com/
    3. Sign in with your iCloud account
    4. Click "Contacts" and select the contacts you want to export
    5. Click "Settings" > "Export vCard"
    6. Wait for the VCF file to be downloaded on your PC and import it to "Google Contacts". Otherwise, skip this step and instead:
    7. Connect the Galaxy S6 to your computer and go to "Contacts" > "More" > "Settings" > "Import / Export contacts" > "Import" > and follow any additional steps to select the VCF file and import its contents

    Using "My Contacts Backup":

    NOTE: If you're looking for transfer methods that don't require access to a computer, you can install various third party apps like "My Contacts Backup". This particular app is available on iOS and can be used to back up and export contacts via email.

    1. Visit the App Store and install "My Contacts Backup" on your iPhone
    2. Launch the app
    3. Tap "Backup" and once the file is created, tap "Email"
    4. Create a new email containing the VCF file as an attachment
    5. Send the email to your own Gmail address
    6. Switch to the Galaxy S6 and open the email. Then, download the attached VCF file
    7. Import the file using the "Contacts" app and the "Import" function

    Using "Send Anywhere":

    NOTE: Another 3rd party app that can be used for contact transfer is "Send Anywhere". Available on both Android and iOS, the app uses a P2P connection to transfer contacts and other types of files without needing a computer.

    1. Launch the App Store and install "Send Anywhere" on the iPhone
    2. From the Play Store, download the app on the Galaxy S6
    3. Launch the application on both smartphones
    4. Tap "Send" on the iPhone and select "Contacts"
    5. Mark the contacts you wish to share and tap "Send"
    6. Lastly, select the desire transfer method. Tapping "Receive" on the SGS6 allows you to manually enter the randomly generated transfer code from the iPhone. Otherwise you can tap "Generate QR Code" on the iPhone and scan the code with the Galaxy S6's camera to commence the transfer

    See More: Transfer Contacts from an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S6

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    Re: Transfer Contacts from an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S6

    When switching from Samsung to iPhone 6S, watch this video to transfer your important contacts from Galaxy S4 to iPhone 6S/6S Plus first

    undelete text messages on Samsung Galaxy S4/S3, Note 3/2

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    Re: Transfer Contacts from an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S6

    Text automatically translated from: German to: English
    Great Guide! top
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