Using a Google Account:

NOTE: You can transfer your contacts from one pone to another by syncing them with a Google account on the “sender” device (Note 3), and re-syncing the data from the account on the Galaxy Note 5.

  1. On the Note 3, open “Contacts
  2. Access the “Contacts” tab if necessary
  3. Press “Menu” > “Merge accounts
  4. Tap “Merge with Google” > “OK
  5. Log in with your Google account if necessary, and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process
  6. Once done, switch to the Note 5 and register the same Google account used on the Note 3
  7. Allow the account to sync contacts with your phone

Using the “Contacts” App:

NOTE: You can use the pre-loaded “Contacts” app on both Notes to export > import and transfer the desired contacts.

  1. On the Note 3, launch “Contacts
  2. Tap the “Contacts” tab if necessary
  3. Press “Menu” > “Contacts to display” > “All contacts
  4. Tap “Menu” > “Import / Export
  5. Select “Export to SD card”. Make sure you remember the file name
  6. Tap “OK
  7. Open the email app on the Note 3 and compose a new email
  8. Tap “Attach”, browse for the vCard file and select it
  9. Send the email to your own Gmail address
  10. Switch to the Note 5 and open the email, then download the attached file
  11. Import the file using the “Contacts” app and the “Import” function

NOTE: Alternatively you can connect both smartphones to your computer via USB, transfer the vCard file from the Note 3 to the Note 5’s storage, and use the “Contacts” app to “Import” the contacts to the Note 5.

Using “Send Anywhere”:

NOTE: Send Anywhere is a third party application that can be used to transfer contacts without needing a computer. To use this method:

  1. Install “Send Anywhere” from the Google Play Store on both Note smartphones
  2. Launch the app on both handsets
  3. On the Note 3, tap “Send” > “Contacts
  4. Select the desired contacts and tap “Send
  5. Choose a transfer method. You can tap “Generate QR Code” on the Note 3 and scan the code with the Note 5’s camera to begin the transfer. Or you can tap “Receive” on the Note 5, and manually enter the randomly generated transfer code from the Note 3 to begin the transfer

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