Particularly those provided in a promotion. An SD card failed. Its warranty is 10 years. But the requirements to exchange are beyond ridiculous. Finally someone there knew enough to send me to the SD/Memory dept. And then the fun (not) really started.

An Rma that failed to come... The requirement of a receipt which was a part of the s-7 sale (It was on-board at the time of purchase; placed there by Samsung)... a picture of the back of the card. (its type is about 1 pt and occupies 1/4 inch.) Very hard to resolve as it is imprinted in the molding of the plastic and is not easily photographed. I started the process thinking it had a value of 24.95 for 16 gigs. The card now lists for 14.95 and sells on amazon for 6.95. I bought an equivalent card for 12 bucks. That satisfied, I could not stand the arrogance, hubris, posturing and patronizing behavior of the reps. The uninformed and empowered.

Beware. there is no escalation to someone empowered to reach their stated goal. The president email link goes unanswered...

An excellent experience is Samsung's goal.... HA! Not in our lifetime!

A ridiculous company.

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