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    WARNING! When you factory reset your phone, all personal data located on the device’s internal memory will be deleted, including downloaded content, media files, ringtones, contacts, apps etc. Additionally, all settings will be restored to factory values.

    NOTE: To learn how to back up and restore data on the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime before resetting the device, visit this thread.

    Factory Reset via Settings:

    1. Open “Settings
    2. Scroll to and tap “Cloud and accounts
    3. Tap “backup and restore
    4. If desired, enable or disable “Back up my data” and “Restore
    5. Return to “Settings” and access “General Management
    6. Tap “Reset” > “Factory data reset
    7. Tap “Reset device
    8. Assuming your phone is protected by a PIN / Password etc. enter it and tap “Continue
    9. Tap “Delete all

    Factory Reset via Android System Recovery:

    NOTE: In case you are unable to reset your phone via settings as described above, alternatively you can try resetting the phone from the Android System Recovery menu, which can be accessed by performing a combination of keys as follows:

    1. First turn the phone OFF if necessary
    2. Press and hold “Volume Up” and “Home” simultaneously, then press and hold “Power” too
    3. When the device logo appears, release “Power
    4. At the “Android” logo, release all buttons and wait to gain access to Android System Recovery
    5. In the menu, press “Volume down” to highlight “wipe data / factory reset
    6. Press “Power” to confirm
    7. Press “Volume down” to highlight “Yes – delete all user data
    8. Press “Power
    9. Once the reset is done, “Reboot system now” should be highlighted
    10. Press “Power” one last time to confirm and reboot your phone

    Reset Network Settings:

    NOTE: When you reset network settings, stored Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections will be deleted, and all connection settings will be restored to default. To reset network settings:

    1. Open “Settings
    2. Go to “General management
    3. Tap “Reset” > “Reset network settings
    4. Tap “Reset settings” twice to confirm

    See More: Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime: Factory Reset via Settings / Recovery; Reset Network Settings

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime: Factory Reset via Settings / Recovery; Reset Network Settings

    My phone says it needs to be sign in with a google account that was synced previously on the device. What do I do if I don't know???

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