ok i have the on5 from samsung model sm-g530t1 and i'm thinking about activating it on tracfone service. it was a metropcs phone. i have a tracfone slide phone but i rather have this smart phone setup to use. on the other phone i have like 5,000 minutes. i don't use it much but i use the on5 a lot but only on wifi. so friend said to check out switching this on5 to tracfone service, so i will have a phone just in case i really need one, as i don't carry the slide phone much. might be why it has those minutes. i talked to tracfone on a chat and they said i can use the at-t network, but when i went to the tracfone website and entered the metro pcs as this phones last carrier it says the on5 needs to be what i have below. i have no idea if this phone is all of this or not.

also does anyone know if i do not like this phone on the tracfone service if i can remove it and go back to the original slide phone i have now on tracfone service? they said i can transfer the number and minutes to the on5 phone and i think if i do not like it i should be able to switch it all back? maybe someone here knows better? thanks

(((In order to connect to the TracFone 4G LTE network, your device must operate on Band II, IV or in certain areas, Band 12. For 3G or other 4G service, your device must operate on Band II (1900 MHz) or IV (1700/2100 MHz). GSM devices that do not support these bands may operate at 2G (EDGE) speeds.)))

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