Just bought two Galaxy J7 V phones.
The tones provided with the phone have a short playing time, and you don't hear them sometimes when phone is in pocket or another room.
I have added longer playing ones, but when you open the text or email, they keep playing.

Since the purpose of the Alert is is to let you know you have a new message, call, or whatever, once you've opened the app, you have acknowledged it and
don't need to hear the alert anymore.
So, is there a way to stop the tone when you open that associated app ?

Also, is there a way have the app title bar (app name on left and the X to close app on right) visible when app is open ?
It becomes visible when you hit the button to the left of the Home button and all the recent apps are displayed.
"recent apps" is not very useful in my opinion. The ones I use most are on home pages, rarely used ones are in apps folder.
Doesn't take any longer to get there than it does going to "recent apps".

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