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    NOTE: You can visit this thread for a guide on how to back up data on the Samsung phone.

    Restore Contacts from SD:

    1. Open “Contacts
    2. Tap “Menu” > “Settings
    3. If necessary, access “Contacts to display” and switch to “All contacts
    4. Go to “Import/Export contacts” and tap “Import from SD Card
    5. Press “OK

    Restore Media Files from SD:

    1. Open “My Files
    2. Select “SD Card” and tap “Menu” > “edit
    3. Tick the boxes linked with the media files you want to restore
    4. Then tap “Menu” > “Move
    5. Select “Internal storage” and tap “Move here”, or:
    6. Tap “Create folder” or the folder name to restore the files to a different location
    7. Tap “move here” to confirm

    Restore Media Files from a Windows PC:

    1. Connect the Android device to the PC via USB
    2. Enable “File Transfer” / “Media device” when prompted or from the Notification area
    3. Open the File Explorer on the computer and locate the media file backups
    4. Copy the files and transfer them to the phone storage, preferably in the folder(s) of origin or the “Media” directory
    5. Once done, you can safely disconnect the phone from the USB port

    Restore Media Files from a Mac:

    1. Connect the Android phone to the Mac via USB
    2. On the phone, enable “Media device” / “File Transfer” at the prompt or from the “Notification” area
    3. Open Kies on the Mac
    4. Go to “Back up / restore” and access the “Restore” tab
    5. Tick the check boxes associated with “Photos”, “Music” and other media file types you want to restore
    6. Click “Restore” and follow the on-screen steps to complete the process
    7. Once done, eject the phone storage by dragging and dropping the phone’s virtual drive from the desktop and into the “Trash can
    8. Safely disconnect the phone from the USB port

    See More: Samsung Galaxy S9: Restore Contacts and Media Files

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S9: Restore Contacts and Media Files

    If the data is not overwritten, we can use Samsung data recovery software to help us Restore Contacts and Media Files from Samsung Galaxy S9. Of course, if there is a backup, it's easy to restore from backup files.
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S9: Restore Contacts and Media Files

    MobiKin Doctor for Android is a great Samsung Galaxy Recovery for almost all Samsung devices on the market. With it, you can easily recover all the files that you accidentally delete. The program supports contacts, call logs, text messages, documents, media files, and many others.

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