I just picked up a Galaxy Note 9, unlocked version from Amazon, and went to the ATT store to get it set-up, SIM and my account updated for data. The issue is nothing internet based works unless I am on Wi-Fi so nothing through the phone except messaging and the phone itself.

AT&T has spend hours on this, I was at the store for 2 hours, and on the phone with their Advanced script readers, I mean Advanced technical team. Their system does not like the IMEI number, they said it comes back as a generic phone but Samsung has it shown right, and unlocked Note 9+.

We tried a SIM card out of one of their phones and it came to life no problem, Internet worked in any program that needed it, email & browser specifically. The internet also works on Wi-Fi.

I am just sort of hunting for idea's, AT&T tried to tell me this was a clone, but Samsung disproved that quickly and that it works with an already working SIM makes me think it is something in AT&T. Any magic phrases you guys might know to give them a kick in the right direction, right now they want me to return the phone...

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