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    Back Up App Data:

    1. Launch “Settings
    2. Go to “Cloud and account
    3. Tap “Backup & Restore
    4. Enable “Back up my data” to back up data to your account
    5. Enable “Automatic Restore” to allow data to be restored when reinstalling apps or logging in with the backup account

    Back Up Contacts to an Account:

    1. Open “Settings
    2. Go to “Cloud and account” > “Accounts
    3. Select the desired backup account
    4. Enable “Contacts” then tap “Menu” > “Sync Now

    Back Up Contacts to SD:

    1. Open “Contacts
    2. Tap “Menu” > “Settings
    3. Switch to “All contacts” then tap “Import/Export
    4. Tap “Export to SD” > “OK

    Back UP Media Files to Phone Storage:

    1. Launch “My Files
    2. Go to “Internal storage” and tap “Menu
    3. Tap “Share” and select the desired contacts
    4. Tap “Share” again
    5. Select the desired backup location on the phone

    Back Up Media Files on a Windows PC:

    1. Connect the Android phone to the computer via USB
    2. On the phone, enable “Media device” / “File Transfer” when prompted or from the Notification area
    3. Open the File Explorer on the computer and navigate to the media files on the phone
    4. Copy and transfer the files to the desired backup location on the PC

    See More: Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2019): Back Up App Data, Contacts, and Media Files

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2019): Back Up App Data, Contacts, and Media Files

    Samsung Kies, which is specially designed for Samsung users to backup and restore Samsung phone data on PC.If you don't want to use this tool, you can also use a Google account to back up data on Samsung

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