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    I'm trying to locate a mardi gras ringtone for the E-715. I have a copy of the Second Line - Part 1, but do not know how to convert to put on this phone. Help!

    See More: Mardi Gras Ringtone for Samsung SGH-#715

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    That said here is how to do it...

    First things first > Download these utilities.

    Sony Sound Forge 7.0
    Sound Forge 7.0 Download

    Yamaha .WAV to SMAF Converter
    Yamaha SMAF Converter Download

    1. Select a audio file you want to make into a ringtone.

    2. Find a section that makes for a good loop and is NO MORE than 10 seconds. (10.15 seems to be the total maximum).

    3. Cut the sound out around it, leaving that 10 second clip.

    4. Click save as, then under that dialog box click custom.

    5. In this boxes below, change the items to:
    Format - PCM uncompressed
    Sample Rate (Hz) - 8.000
    Bit Depth - 16
    Channels - Mono
    Then click ok, then save the file.

    6. Drag your clip to Yamaha WAV to SMAF Converter, name the file then click ok, MAKE SURE IT IS NO MORE THAN 40.00KB.

    7. Transfer the file to your phone via EasyGPRS, Tagtag.com or any other service you use but I recommend these two.

    8. If all went well you should have a new custom ringer, enjoi!

    On a more technical note, if you see the sound file is clipping (if you don't know what this is don't ask) turn the frequency down 1.5Db.

    I hope this has helped everybody, and taught a few noobs make their own ringers.

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