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    I have a Samsung E105 and i was wondering how to transfer files such has ringtones and pictures from my Dell Pc to my Samsung E105 phone thru infrared. I have my infrared activated on my Pc and also i have an Infrared on my phone which i can activate. When i try to send files from my pc to my phone an error pops up which tells me that no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. I am tryin to fix this but i have no clue. I am new at this and maybe i am doing this wrong because i am tryin to send files from kaaza to my phone i am so confused. Please can someone help me

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    EasyGPRS 2.1

    You can transfer ring tones and wallpaper to your E105 using EasyGPRS. Go to the www.samsung.com web site and to the downloads section (Only works in IE, because Samsung doesn't know how to support other browsers), and search for e105, then under Software.

    Some parts of EasyGPRS don't work. However it is still much better than paying for lots of ring tones and pictures.

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