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    1. Does anybody know how to change the Samsungs x426 display so that it doesn't read "ROGERS" at the top of the display?And change it to something else like my name?

    2. When you place your own custom picture on the display background the time displays with a white shadow behind it. Is there a way to get rid of the shadow?

    3. How do you check your email on your cell if you are not using an email server like hotmail, yahoo or AOL? Is there a website that can let you access your personal emails by adding your pop/smtp and password information?

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    That shadow if the default to allow you to view the time even if you were to have a dark background on your phone. Sadly there is no way to change it. You can edit the firmware so that your background replaces one already in the phone with a different color text display, but you can't just remove that shadow

    any service that will allow smtp and pop3 connections can be checked from the phone. Just make sure you get the settings from the site. The ones your phone is pre-set for are just default choices, not the only choices.
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