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    I have a samsung a650 phone and i bought a faceplate for it i do not no how to put it on do they just snap on or do u have to like unscrew the original plate and if u do where do u unscrew or take the original one off at could some1 pleez tell me or like give me a website or sumthing that tell how ??? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez help me and also does ne one no any codes for the samsung a650 phone??

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    I dont have yahoo or aol but if u wanna instant message me i have msn messenger my e-mail on it is [email protected]

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    i doubt if you can snap it on normally you open your phone and pop out any rubber or soft areas then unscrew it with a small phillips screw driver, sometimes you might have to work a fingernail around the phone but it should come right off

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    I think most Samsung mobiles wernt meant to have detachable plates.. You prolly have to unskrew it... I know there is one Sprint Samsung that you can buy it in red or silver but thats all I know of

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