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    I have a Samsung VGA1000 phone. Ok so about 2 hours ago, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet (I know, really stupid). I saw a bit of a flash from the phone. The red light on the front went on momentarily, and then the phone went off. It was submerged for no more than 2 seconds. I took the phone out and took the battery off immediately. I took a paper towel and dried off the phone as much as I could. I have kept the phone apart from the battery to try and let it dry. I just tried to put it back together about 5 minutes ago to see if it works, but the phone still won't even turn on. Is my phone hopeless, and should I get a new phone? Someone please help me and let me know what to do. Thanks.

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    ok 1. wait untill the whole phone is dryed off for about 24-48 hours because inside it needs to dry off the cuircuts and such.

    2. just get a new phone

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