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    Can i Make A Voice Memo A Ringtone? If So How?

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    There is a way 2 have ur voice memo as a ring tone.
    1. reocord a memo, probably a song
    2. save it with the name of the song
    3.press the camera button on the right side of phone
    4.press 3
    5. u should be at ur gallery
    6.press the OK button
    7.u should be at the send a pic menu
    8. scroll down 2 the bottom
    9. highlight were it says no sound hit the left key witch is option
    10.go 2 voice memo
    11 choose ur memo or song
    12. now instead of saying NO SOUND it should say the name of the memo
    13. now 2 here ur tone out loud hit next
    14 hit preview
    15 u should hear the sound on loud speaker
    16. after the memo has played hit CLR twice
    17. u should be back at the send pic menu
    18*****oll up and highlight SEND TO
    19. Enter ur mobile phone #(whith area code)
    20. NOw send it.
    21. u should receive it( it should take a minute 2 open)
    22. open the message. U should c the pic and here the song.
    23. hit option
    24. on # 5 there should be a menu that scrolls from side 2 side
    25. scroll till u get 2 save sound( the second choice)
    26. Name it and then save .
    27. now go 2 ur ringtones and go 2 MY MELODYS. it should be there

    ( I only know it works with the a-670, but im sure this works with any verizon pix messaging phone)
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