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    Verizon wants to charge me $$$ for web access, I am already paying $$$ for web access. They want to charge more $$$ for new ringtones, etc...

    So I bought a data transfer cable to use with my G5, I can connect to the web, but the data rate between my phone and the modem don't sync, so I loose the connection quickly. I would like to be able to do direct transfer from computer to phone.

    I wouldn't mind a web connection, but not sure how that can work? Since I have to switch my modem to the Samsung script to connect, I then have no access to the web.

    This all seemed like a good idea, but this appears to be territory that is not well traveled.


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    I'm pretty new at this too.. just last night I finally got everything working.. This is the driver that I downloaded for my pc. The first option under Samsung.


    I also used Bitpim to transfer the data from my pc to my phone.

    When you have that installed you can find your information in the filesystem tab. Make sure you read the directions and check out the other tutorials before deleting anything on your phone.

    Good Luck..

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    Samsung A650 / A670 Data cable

    A good place to purchase a Samsung USB cable, $14.95. They also post step by step installation instructions for both PC & Mac and drivers are available for download.

    USB Data Cable - Samsung A530 / A650 / A670 / A680 / A610

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