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    I just changed my rate plan, and ended up getting a new phone for free -- the x427m. I really like the size, weight, and features (although admittedly, I haven't explored all of it yet). My one concern is the ringtone. When I first had the phone (I've only had it for about four days), the ring volume, even when turned all the way up, was so low that I couldn't even hear it ringing in the purse I was holding. It seems to be louder now -- I don't know if I changed a setting, or if it is just because the cover is gone from the screen -- but I'm still a bit worried about committing to the phone. Does anyone have any experiences -- good or bad -- with this phone that might help me decide whether to keep it or not? Thank you!

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    I just changed plan, from AT&T to Cingular and ended up getting a new phone.
    I have a new x426 Samsung. I really like the size, weight, and features.
    My one concern is that the phone was with AT&T can I am not able to use it with Cingular.
    Could anyone out there help me unlock this phone.
    Thank you!

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    I've had the x426 for about 3 months now, so far I have no major beef with it. It's definately lacking the features that u'd expect to see in a phone nowadays, but in terms of its basic functions, it serves its purpose nicely. The screen is great, u don't have to worry about breaking the antenna (more common with the pull out types), and its cheap! Things that I would like to have on it though is an external screen, but u get used to it.

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