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    Re: Worst samsung phone ever

    The E365 has got to be the worst phone. No java, crappy reception, flimsy. Yuck

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    Re: Worst samsung phone ever

    i have a samsung a660 and it's so sexy and cool. i luv it

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    Re: Worst samsung phone ever

    The things I hate the most about Samsungs are the ringtones and UI. They have pretty good designs, but not necessarily the sturdiest. I know of two other peoples' A670s snapping in half after a year and mine is about to after a year.

    I like to try brands other than Samsungs, but I (and a lot of my familiy) end up buying them.

    My sister had some A460s for a year, which were very elegant, and one of them lost hers and the other stopped getting good reception.

    My mom had the VGA1000 for a while, and it was cool at first, but the hinge became faulty after a while.

    My brother got the A670 and it snapped in half after a year. Ditto for his girlfriend. I've had mine for about a year, and it's getting close to snapping. My brother ended up getting a free A850 out of it, and I'm not sure how happy he is with it, but I think he's fine because he's had it for a year now. I really like the looks of it and it has a better UI than the 1000 and 840, but it does weird things like restarting and it waits a few seconds to answer a call after I press the answer button.

    My mom got the global A790 with Sprint and the sounds are VERY annoying but the UI is just like my A670...not too bad. The only things I hate about it is how heavy it is and the desktop charger. Isn't it supposed to be a traveller's phone?

    My mom also needed a line to use for another global phone we had, and she ended up getting a free A840. I've been using it because I don't like the people calling me on my A670. I like the front of it, but the back is very cheap. It dropped out of my pocket today and the battery came out with it. The UI is annoying, but not as annoying as the A740's my sister and my mom bought or the VGA1000. I do like the events screen, however.

    So that's me and my family's history with Samsung. Generally good looks, but annoying software or sounds.
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    Re: Worst samsung phone ever

    I used to own an a660 and the call quality sucked, kept having to say "I didn't hear you" and it would drop calls randomly.

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