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    Hi guys this is my first post on this forum, and that's because specially I bought a usb cable for my SCH-A650 and I tought if i connect it a icon on my computer will appear. But it does'nt seem to work like this. I dunno if I'm obligated to use a software or whatever to upload new ringtones. I tried Bitpim but it does'nt want to know I dunno if you have a process how to connect this on the computer but I wanna know... what is the best software to use to do this and where I can download it... I saw Datapilot 2.0 somewhere but I dunno where to download it and if u have any suggestion you're welcome. thank you

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    Re: Samsung SCH-A650 problems please help me!

    The data cable is for using the phone for a modem. Datapilot might work. Best bet is to use an upload site like
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