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    Re: Signal Boosters

    Quote Originally Posted by csquare
    Robb4248, I would not give out advice that I did not know about.
    Hi, csquare. I think Robb was simply trying to express some concern over the fact that you've been so active in your first 24 hours as a member, and while you have given out some helpful advice, your haste leaves no room for attention to detail. Some of the threads you've dug up, such as this one here, are a year old or more. I'm glad that you are trying to help people, but if they asked their question a year ago, they probably got their answer long before now. Also, some of your answers have been a little vague and general, something any one of us could google in 5 seconds.

    Now, my last 4 cell phones didn't have a jack for an external antenna, and I think a lot of newer phones don't have them. Had you been in less of a hurry to reply to so many threads in such a short time, you may have considered this and mentioned it in your post, thereby avoiding all this confusion and off-topic discussion.

    If the OP was asking about an inexpensive way to boost their indoor cellular reception, I'd tell them about the kit I bought from Cell Booster Store. It's not designed for large buildings, but works fine for me. If they needed to cover a larger area I might suggest Wilson Cellular's selection of higher-end models, which are a little more $$$ but superior quality. Wilson's products are available both in wired (for external antenna jacks) and wireless (for phones like mine that don't have jacks).

    See More: Signal Boosters
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    Re: Signal Boosters

    Well spoken and heeded... I will try in the future to be more "explicit" with my information.
    There are inductively coupled adaptors for you phones without an antenna.

    Shakespeare as well as Digital also make wired and wireless amplifiers as well as a gammet of adaptor cables.

    Shakespeare Marine Cell Phone Amplifiers, Adapter Cables and Accessories

    Digital Antenna - About Our Cellular Cell Phone Signal Amplifiers

    Thanks again
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