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    Re: transfering pics with the a680

    The latest bitpim works really well (0.9.02). Much better at detecting phones and more stable than previous versions. Love the fact you just drag and drop jpgs and MIDI for wallpapers and ringers.

    I can only upload one file at a time to my A680 though, kind of a pain, but it beats paying $2 a ringer I suppose. Thanks for the links in your tagline MtraX

    See More: transfering pics with the a680

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    Re: transfering pics with the a680

    yeah you need the software ill post up the link asap, i am at work now in two hours it wil be up on here

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    Re: transfering pics with the a680

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    <title>Hacking the VI660
    It's great info. It's about the A660 but it works the same with the 680. If you get the newest version of Bitpim it recognizes the 680. if not use the SPHA660/VI660 (it works well)
    BTW the link above is titled 'Hacking the 660' he also has some games & pictures that you can load onto you phone.
    2 things to note: 1) It's always best to load on programs via the cable one at a time, then reboot the phone.because if your phone doesn't like the info in the _jar or _jad file, next time U boot your phone none of your programs, games, apps, or pictures show up! Don't worry though they are all still there, U just need to delete the offending program file, and reboot the phone again.
    2) DO NOT DELETE folders such as APPS GAMES etc. it will make your phone hang at the boot screen and the U get to take it back to Bell and get them to ship it out fix it. Best thing to do as soon as U get Bitpim working is to do a complete back up (it does it in a zip file)

    The 680 names it's pictures by date time etc. ie: 20060204144332000 (yyyy/mm/dd/hh/mm/ss then I'm not sure on the rest.. could be 1/10 of second or?? When you download the pictures to your PC you'll need to rename them to 20060204144332000.jpg Easiest way to do this download them to a directory on C:\ drive (let's say Pics) then go start, run (type in)cmd then enter. that brings up the dos prompt. type in CD\Pics then enter. then type rename 2*.* 2*.jpg (enter) Now you're almost done. Some programs will read them some will not. Get Paint Shop Pro (trial version works too){I haven't tried xnview yet} open up the pictures then "save as" whatever you want to call them, but save them in JPG format. Now anyone can read them.
    Tere's also lots of other handy info that bitpim can get you... like all the access codes to the locked menus etc.
    One last thing, It always seems best for deleting files,pics, apps etc, is to delete them using the phone' delete. (U don't have to reboot phone that way either)
    BTW if you don't like the Bell web browser go to wap.opera.com or wap.operamini.com I can't remember which is the correct one. but it's a FREE full featured webbrowser for cell phones. the bell one restricts some sites.
    Have fun.
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    Re: transfering pics with the a680

    Thanks for the tips Crazywolf, they're very helpful. Backed up my phone so now I can play around with somewhat of an "insurance policy". Going to give the games a whirl... havin' trouble getting the files recognized by the phone; they're in the file system, just not accessible by the games menu...

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    Re: transfering pics with the a680

    Hmmm... got Operamini loaded and running, however I'm getting a "Service not available" error. This is even after "testing" the network with opera's test function earlier. Odd...

    Aha!... just figured it out and will post my error here even thoough it makes me look lame... the usb cable was attached, forcing all COM for modem use.... WAP was disabled!

    Sweet browser. By the way... the download link is:


    from your PC or phone... I used the phone method.


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