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    I know that you can change the IP address to reach through pressing 0 in the mobile web menu (Verizon), so I changed it to google's website IP and got nothing.

    Am I missing something? I know that you can access google.com through mobile internet so why not through the a650?

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    Re: Changing gateway IP address

    Which phone do you have?

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    Re: Changing gateway IP address

    phone type shouldnt matter, what you need is a free wap gateway. basicly the IP and port number for homebrewed wap gateways. search google for one, but their very unreliable (mine went down all the time). I used to use wapgateway.info i believe but its down. the best way is to set up your own so you can count on it a little more. check google for sites like Kannel: Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway and the like to run one on your own computer and IP. Note this route will not be viable for dialup users.

    After putting in the gateway IP and port (the thing that routs the phone to the internet) you just hit whatever button on your phone that brings up the internet (mine uses openwave) and then you put in wap.google.com to serach for sites compatible to the phones browser (or you can put in any site you wish that supports the phone formating).
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