Ok, n00b question here.....

Using BitPim, I am able to download the small video clips taken withg my A670 phone. Under the "Wallpaper" tab I can see my video files in .avi format. I am able to save the file to my computer to be played back in windows media player.

By using the Filesystem view, under....

I know that these are the two directories that the movie file is saved in.
Those directories can have up to 50 small files each. If I saved those 50 files to my computer, how would I compile those files together to make the .avi file.

And vise-versa, how could I take a small .avi file on my computer, and split it up into those 50 small files, in the the filesytem on my phone?

Has anyone had any luck uploading movies to thier phone from thier computer??


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