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    Ok Guys, I found the method and now I will share it with everyone. Thanks for Limedrink for providing us with the usefull information that I needed to crack the rest.

    First: go to your phone's menu, go to setup, go to security, enter your security code. after that just press "0" and it will take you to a hidden menu.
    So: Menu >> Setup [7] >> Security [4] >> [Enter passcode] >> 0

    The menu looks like this:

    SIO Mode

    [X] DS&HF
    [ ] DM&DL
    [ ] QXDM

    Now choose QXDM instead of DS&HF and your phone will restart.
    Now your phone will be able to connect to "BitPim" which you will need to upload the ringtones and wallpaper.
    you can download it here

    You need a USB cable that connects your phone to the computer and you need the drivers that changes your USB connection into a serial one. This way the computer will think that the cellphone is a wireless modem
    Usually the drivers come with the cable, if not download them here:
    Now start BitPim and connect your phone. Go to Edit=>Setting then choose your phone and browse for your phone.When you find the communication port "com3" or "com4" choose it and press ok.
    Now get out to the main screen and press View and check "view system files"

    Now you will be able to see the phone's system files. This is the only option you can use with CDMA phones so don't try anything else because it won't work.
    Now press the + sign and it will show you all the directories in your phone.

    Go to "U" and click the + sign next to it. Then click the + sign next to "RT" for ring tones, or "WP" for wall paper. this is where all the files are stored.

    If you have downloaded any from before, you should see two files for each ringtone or wall paper. one is "filename.body" and the other one is "filename" with no extention.

    If you haven't downloaded any before to the telus mobility site or your phone's browser and download one of the free ringtones and one of the free wallpapers.

    The file that is with no extention is only to add whatever name it is named to the list of images and ringtones in the phone. So you will need to right click it and press save, then save it to your computer. Whatever wallpaper or ringtone you wanna add, just rename that file to the ringtone's or image's name and upload it with it to the phone.
    Now for the images, it can be any JPEG file with attributes "Width 128 pixels and Hight 112 pixels" just rename the file and delete the ".jpeg" and replace it with ".body" then rename the other file with no extention with the same name as well so you end up with 2 files.
    Example: Image and Image.body

    Now upload them to the WP directory by right clicking WP and choosing "new" then pick your files and let them upload one after the other. You will be able to see your image on your phone instantly and don't need to restart.

    With Ringtones, you can download regular .midi files and change the extention to .body then rename the other file to whatever the rinrtone is called and upload them to the RT directory in the same way as wall paper.
    Now for True Tones it's a bit different. I finally got it after lots of work.

    The files Samsung use are ".QCP" or pure voice file, which is made by Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. They have a deal with Samsung and thus provided them with this compression technology. Here is the link to download the Pure Voice Player which you can use to convert wave files into QCP files and then change the extention to .body and upload with the image file. It works. I tried it!! Make sure the track isn't too long. Use an editing program to cut a small peice before converting it.

    If the above link doesn't work use this and register to be able to download

    If you have any questions E-mail me at [email protected]
    If you found this information usefull don't hesitate to say thank you

    See More: Full Guide For Uploading True Tones And WallPaper To Telus Samsung A-650
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    Nice guide, theactor1977!

    Seems like quality becomes an issue in QCP format.

    If you are having issues with getting creating a good ringtone, you can download free midi + QCP ringtones at:

    Note: Old discussion found at:


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    nice job, you got some rep

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    Nice workaround with BitPim... probably will work on other unsupported samsungs.

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    Operator logos

    Good work on the howto guide, i found it just after i figured it out myself :P

    has anyone tried to change the startup and shutdown animations?

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    Re: Full Guide For Uploading True Tones And WallPaper To Telus Samsung A-650

    I successfully got the Tetris Demo game example from this site to show up on my phone, following the directions on there. However, it errored when trying to start a new game. This shows that it could be possible to get games to transfer over and work using BitPim.

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