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    Hello all!

    OK... I had an E800 which stopped working. My provider sent me an E530 as they don't do the E800 any more; so before I returned it I used EasyGPRS to back up the phonebook - it does it in CSV format.

    So - I get the E530 only to find that my data lead and software don't work with the E530. Great. So I order a new lead, which comes with software. It arrives, and I find that the new software doesn't import CSV files, it only uses .ESB files which are Samsung's own backup format and not even text based...


    How do I get the 160+ phonebook entries from my CSV file into my nice shiny new E530? Please?

    See More: Converting backup files...

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    Well.... thanks a bunch, all that help really blew my socks off.

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    Re: Converting backup files...

    Time to activate this thread again.

    I've got the same problem - and really would like to solve it somehow.

    Little recap:
    the software Samsung provides for editing/backuping the data on the SGH-E720 cellphone (and others I'm sure) exports the data to one only file format: .esb

    Forcing it to open in Excel or even in a basic text editor only gives non-readable signs... read: a newbee can't do anything with it. But can an intelligent computer freak?

    I could send the .esb file, if requested... .

    Thanks a lot for any (really, any) suggestion.

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    Re: Converting backup files...

    I got an s400i ages ago, similiar problem, then even getting the pims app to work was a problem.

    I have contacted Samsung, but no reply other than use whats there. Very poor indeed, what the hell good is it if your phone dies and the next one you get is not a samsung. Even then, the software appears very poor, I personally wouldn't be confident they would have half decent conversion tools for newer phones.

    I didn't manage to get my phone numbers into a non esb format, as follows :

    -buy ms outlook (i have outlook express and it doesn't work)
    -install bluetooth thingy
    -install samsung widesync (won't work without outlook installed)
    -import the contacts into outlook from the phone

    Now you have your phone book in outlook as contacts.

    If you can export from there, to csv, etc, happy days.

    I think I managed this bit eventually, imported into palm sync, put onto a palm, and away i went. It wasn't as straight forward as you might expect as I recall, but it is possible.

    I kept the palm pilot up to date until I got a new phone, (sony ericsson t630) which was able to receive all the contacts in one go from the palm pilot.

    Hope some of this helps.

    Never did get around to writing a prog to convert the .esb phonebook file into something usable in general, but maybe someday will have time.

    It would be very nice if Samsung would do the honours in the mean-time, or allow saving/export to a csv,tsv,etc file directly from their PIMS software.

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