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    I have a samsung i730 pocket pc...Works great, just looking for something a little less toned down like a V phone from verizon, the new LG lxv9800 or whatever it is, or like the motorola razr phone...if your interested post a message or email [email protected]

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    Watch out for Verizon's LG vx9800. I just had to return mine today because Verizon has it so locked down it does nothing--and I mean nothing--except act as a gateway for you to pay Verizon for more Stuff. 128MB of phone memory, and you can't store a memo longer than 300 characters (not words. characters). You can use Bitpim to sync your contacts and pics to your computer, but there is NOTHING included by Verizon to enable you to back up your data. The only option is to send it to their "secure web site", for a fee probably, and in the fine print Verizon reserves the right to dump everything and/or to change data on your phone whenever the mood takes them. Un-effing-believable. And finally, if you sign up for Moblie Web at an extra $5 per month, you must use the Verizon/MSN gateway and all sorts of sites are inaccessible. Such as google mail.

    You can sign up for Wireless Sync and email for an extra $25 per month. After you've just finished paying a few hundred for the phone, that struck me as a bit rich.

    I loved the phone. The keyboard is the best I've seen on a PDA or a phone. It was a wrench to bring it back, but if it won't do a thing for me except be a phone, it's way too expensive.

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    Re: Trade a samsung i730 pocket PC for what you have!


    im willing to trade you the phone in that and the psp if your samsung is in good condition and has all the original contents

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