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    I had the misfortune of messing around in the settings on my SCH-A950, where I really shouldn't have been, and made the mistake of switching over to the NAM2 configuration. Which isn't a big deal except that it reboots the phone...and I had my phone set to lock on start. The problem with that is the phone reverts to whatever random NAM number is assigned to the NAM2 profile, and the last 4 digits of that is what I need for the unlock code.

    Now before someone says I just need to run down to the local Verizon store and have them plug it in and help me out...check this out... Currently NONE of the Verizon stores in and around Atlanta have neither the cable NOR the software from Samsung in order to service these phones.

    Verizon tried to pass me off to Samsung, but the techs at Samsung said they couldn't do anything because the provider is the one that is supposed to have the unlock codes!

    If ANYONE has some advise it would be appreciated!

    Verizon's solution is to have me pay $50 to get another phone...and then the obligitory $20 fee to transfer the service back over from my other phone (even though a tech support guy comp'd me for transferring service BACK to my VX6000).

    My complaint... Why sell these phones if you don't have the necessary equipment to service them?! I know I'm the one that screwed up my phone, but I'm not going to configure and install a router for a customer without having a way to get back into the device if there is a problem!


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    Re: SCH-A950 locked out after NAM2 switch

    I did the same thing last night. was playing around and switched to nam 2. it took me 3 hours to get the right code but i did get it. my code was 5188. what I did was with excel print out every number from 0000 to 9999. I started with 5550 and worked up to 6000. when that did not work I then went from 5549 backwards and got it. the reason I started with the 5000 is because two other forums I looked in to the people who unlocked them where in the 5000s it could have just been a coincidences but it worked for me.

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