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    Re: MP3 ringtone help

    ok don't use the PC studio at all.
    On Ur computer go to Ur where ever you keep your music
    1) copy the ones you want to a separate folder.
    2) change each ones file extension to 3gp. instead of mp3.
    3) plug Ur phone into your computer
    4) go to my computer and find the removable drive that it is
    5) open the music folder in that drive
    6) copy the newly changed music files directly to that folder.
    Now you can go to Ur phone and look in file manager and save them as ring tones

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    Re: MP3 ringtone help

    hey i had such a proplem with making my mp3 into ringtone well i found an easier way 1st of all how long will a ringtone play about a minute right well why dont you just record the music that you like using voice notes then rename it and you and make it your ring tone i tried everything until i heared a song on the radio and used my voice note recorder so that i can search for it and when i got home i was goofiing aroun with the phone tada it worked good luck

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    Re: MP3 ringtone help

    I have the t809 with the same problem, what I did is used a free (and legal) online ringtone site (in my case phonezoo.com) and it sends them to your phone as the correct file type; my phone plays them with no trouble.

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