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    Re: How To for ring tones on the t809

    Hi, my cousin gave me a SGH-T809 as a good bye gift when i was in new york. Now i go to school in the Dominican Republic and i have connected my cell phone out here with a company ´´Orange´´. But i can´t used none of my songs that my friends has sent to me via bluetooth as a ring tone. I wonder if you could help me in this and show me how can i get some ring tones out here. I thionk is giving a lot of hassle beacuse I connected it in another country. Thank you for you time and hope that you can help me.

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    Re: How To for ring tones on the t809

    How To:
    Make your own mp3 ringtones work on a Samsung Sgh-T809 Cell Phone

    First you will need a few things:

    1) An mp3 file you want to put as your ringer. I will assume you have already made a clip or cut your song to fit the 30 second ringtone length. You can have the whole mp3 on your phone but unless you will be using it in the mp3 player on the phone why waste the space. DON’T FORGET TO BACK UP YOUR FILE BEFORE DOING ANYTHING HERE. I have had no issues but don’t want to be blamed for lost files.

    2) A data cable (I don’t have Bluetooth on my computer so I have not tried this method)

    3) Of course your t809 with the TransFlash or MicroSD card inserted

    Ok now lets start

    1. Find your mp3’s you want to use and make a new folder on your computer, remember where you make the new folder, and copy all of the mp3s that you will use as ring tones to that folder. MAKE SURE TO COPY AND NOT MOVE THESE FILES.

    2. Navigate on your computer to that folder and right click and select new text document.

    3. Rename the new document something like “mp3 to 3gp conversion.bat” as long as you have the .bat extension you will be ok. A popup from windows will come up and say "if you change a file extension the file may become unusable" click ok.

    4. Now RIGHT click the new file and click “edit” DO NOT double click or right click open as you will not be able to do any thing with it.

    5. Now type this in REN *.MP3 *.3GP or you can cut and paste it This will allow this file to convert all of your .mp3 file extensions to a .3gp file
    extension, only within the folder it is in, DO NOT FOR ANY REASON PUT THIS IN YOUR MP3 FOLDER FOR YOUR MUSIC ONLY PUT IT IN THE FOLDER FOR MAKING YOUR RING TONES so it will work on the t809.

    6. Now save that file.

    7. Now simply double click on that file. As a note I have Microsoft anti-apyware and it pops up a warning about are you sure you want to run this script click yes. Basically what we are doing with this script is just renaming the extension to .3gp from .mp3.
    if you are not happy with this easy method you can do all of this work: you don’t have to do the following if you will be using the script we just made.

    this is only for people who want to do it the hard way so if you will use the script we made just go to step 8.

    A. Assuming you are already in the folder with your mp3s to use as ring tones, go to folder options in the tools menu and click the view tab scroll down and make sure the box marked hide extensions for known file types is UNCHECKED then apply and click ok.

    B. Then go to the file you want to change and right click select rename and delete the .mp3 and put .3gp in its place, after doing this correctly windows will prompt "if you change a file extension the file may become unusable"

    C. Repeat step B for every mp3 file you want to change to 3gp

    8. Now that we have our mp3s renamed to 3gps we will set up the phone. On your phone we have to change the usb mode to “mass storage”
    A. Hit Menu
    B. Select Settings
    C. Select Phone Settings
    D. Select Usb settings
    E. Select Mass Storage

    9. Done with that now plug in your phone. I am assuming you have already set up your computer with the drivers and have hooked your phone up at least once.

    10. Now select all of the files you want to transfer to the phone. Right click and choose “Send To” and you should have a removable disk there send them there. Or just drag and drop them onto your phone in windows explorer. Although it does not matter which directory you put the files in on the phone it is easier to have it organized so put it in the Music folder. Now it will be on the flash card in your phone. You can disconnect your phone now.

    11. Last step on your phone select your ringers as such
    A. Hit Menu
    B. Select Fun & Apps
    C. Select File Manager
    D. Select Memory Card
    E. Select the folder your music is in
    F. Highlight the file you want as a ringer
    H. Select Set As
    I. And select what you want.

    12. That’s it you are finished. Enjoy you new ring tones.

    Sorry about the length of this I just wanted everyone to be able to do it. Even

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