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    I have a samsung a920 and would like to find out how to upload mp3 music files onto the phone.

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    easiest, get a memory card reader and put the micro SD in the SD adapter, plug it all into the memory card reader and transfer...

    hard - USB cable which i believe hasn't been figured out yet.

    now if you're talking about putting mp3s onto the phone's onboard memory then i think that's even harder and likely not possible without downloading online... at least that hasn't been figured out yet either...

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    Re: a920

    Like lego maniac said, use a card reader to transfer your media to the Transflash card in hte "Media" folder, or you can use an uploader site like Free Ringtones, Wallpapers, Videos, Games - FunForMobile to upload them.

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    Re: a920

    the usb cable is for a pictbridge printer only. there is some way of using the phone as a modem but havn't got to that yet. Ther is software on the samsung site at SAMSUNG's Digital World - Support Phone&typecode=18&subtype=Mobile Phone&subtypecode=1805&model=SPH-A920&fileType=SW this program is called pc link, it's supposed to allow you to access your phone thru your computer, but all it has is configuration for com ports and nothing for the usb. now here's the wierd part the help section dons't list this phone but the web site brings up the software for it under this phone model. also the software says usb or com port but has no configuration setting for the usb, just another scew up by samsung to give you half of what you need. And on top of this the salesman said i could download and upload using the usb cable, well that
    'll teach me to listen to a salesman. i talked to samsung and sprint for over 2 hrs on saturday and even told the techs thing they didn't know about this phone. If I can't find a way to acces the phone thru my computer it's going back and I'll get something elese that will work correctly. as a first time cell phone owner i've had it all of one day and am already ticked off at it, it dosn't boed well . if anyone has info on accessing this Samsung sph-a920 e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks Jeff

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    Re: a920

    Quote Originally Posted by Motorola User
    Where can you find a replaceable memory card?
    At the STORE. Wal-mart even! Stop flooding and junk posting PLEASE if you won't check the private messages I keep sending LOOK HERE! Why else do you think your posts keep disappearing?

    Losing patience...

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    Re: a920

    im trying to figure out how to use this usb cable to connect to the phone too...ill let you know if i figure it out

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