<>hi guys..nOOb here..i figured out how to get music on my transflash card by using a Dazzle memory card reader..i can not figure out though how to get pics and movies from my computer on there..i understand i had to put a folder called music in order to get music on there so i out a folder named cars in order to put all my car pics on there..when i put the card back into my phone they did not show up like the music..does anyone know of a way to get them on there?

<>as a new member i hope to get answers to my questions as well as help as many people as i can

<>also, back in the day there was a forum on another site (dont know if its cool to mention the site) where they had tips and tricks on how to save money on your monthly bill..does anyone know of a place like that now..PLEASE ONLY POST IF IT IS NOT AGAINST SITE POLICIES

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