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    well as u all know i just bought a D600 off of ebay because i live in the U.S. and have a contract with cingular but cingular doesnt carry this phone. The phone was already unlocked off of ebay but the internet and the multimedia messages wouldnt work so i did some searching and found this code to unlock the D500 and tried it on my D600 and it worked.


    Profile Name: Express
    Home URL: http://device.home
    Bearer: GPRS Only
    Proxies: Enabled

    Then go to GPRS Settings, dont worry about GSM settings they do not apply to us.

    IP -
    Port: 8080
    APN: wap.cingular
    User Name: [email protected]
    (All upper case)
    Password: CINGULAR1
    (All upper case)

    Then Save the settings and your internet will work. Also be sure to sett your current proxy to this setting.

    Now for MMS settings which I am sure you will ask after you get your internet working.

    Settings Name: Multimedia
    Homepage: http://mmsc.cingular.com
    Proxies: Enabled
    Version: 1.2 (295KB)

    Then go to GPRS Settings.

    Port: 8080
    APN: wap.cingular
    Username: [email protected] (upper case)
    Password:CINGULAR1 ( upper case)


    any questions feel free to email or PM me or post in this thread.

    i also found the following companies as well:

    Cingular WAP/MMS (Cingular Orange MEdia Net)
    AT&T Wireless mMode WAP/MMS Settings
    T-Mobile USA WAP/MMS Settings
    samsung e730 + tmobile internet
    Rogers WAP Settings
    Fido WAP and MMS settings for D500 and D600

    See More: bought a unlocked D500/600 but need internet a MMS unlocked?
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    Re: bought a unlocked D500/600 but need internet a MMS unlocked?

    OMG...I have been searching for days to find out how to get MMS on my MWg Atom V phone I bought from Ebay too. I am not getting any help from either company. My phone does not even have MMS options listed , does anyone know how to go about getting a link that I can put on the phone? thank so much, my eyes are crossed looking so much..lol
    Oh I forgot I have Cingular/ATT and internet, text and all works.

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