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    I currently use the Kyocera 7135 as my cell phone. I got it for the internet access and such. But the US cellular people here in Maine have never seen one, so that is very difficult.
    I am thinking about switiching to the MUCH smaller Samsung A670, which i recieved free from a friend. The only problem she was on verizon, and i am on US cellular. I tried to get it activated once, but they said they wouldnt do it because the software wasnt the same.(It didnt have easyedge and the other uscc programs)
    I was wondering if there is some way to switch the phone from a verizon to a us cellular.
    Any help would be greatly appereciated.

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    Typically CDMA providers wont activate a phone from another provider, even if it is unlocked. You could activate the US Cell phone on US Cell, but that is about it. This is different then GSM where you can use any unlocked GSM phone with any GSM provider. About the only luck you will get with a CDMA phone is activating with the original provider or some prepay services that will take any unlocked CDMA phone.

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