I'm gettin a new sidekick II which should arrive any day, and does anybody know how to save the address book from the phone itself to the sim card without retyping all contacts? i always save a new contact in my phone because i thought i could just transfer them to the sim card but i can't figure it out. i know i can transfer contacts from the sim to the phone but not vice versa, any help would be appreciated. if no help, then i guess i'll be doing it all over on my sidekick II lol.

also, my t309 keeps turning off, it would freeze and the main lcd will turn off, but the backlight (on the cover) stays on for a couple of seconds and then it restart by itself. I got it brand new straight from tmobile, i don't know why it does this? does anybody know? could i get a new one? also, would i have to pay a deductible. i got insurance on it i belive because i pay the equipment protection.. and i'm giving the phone to my sister so its really no big deal, but it sometimes gets to me when i'm trying to sign on aim or sending a text and it justs restarts by itself.

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