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    Hi I'am new here and I have a samsung A920 which I think is a great phone BTW. My question is I've started putting some mp3's on its flash card and I've hit a brick wall so to speak. I've got about 12 songs and 2 pics on the card and it won't let me add anymore songs. This is a 512mb card,but it did come out of another phone,so I'am guessing theres stuff on it thats taking up space. How do I find and delete this stuff,or how do I just wipe the card and start over? Can I do it on my phone or do I need to have the card in my pc's card reader to do this? thanks for any help guys.

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    Re: Need help with samsung A920 transflash card

    Put it in the PC, and format it, just like any other disk (right click, format).
    Put it in the phone. It will be formatted again, to the phone's specs (with the folders).
    Put mp3's into the Media folder. You can even sort them by sub-folders.

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    Re: Need help with samsung A920 transflash card

    TransFlash microSD card Format
    I know this thread is old, but I am having a problem with my TransFlash microSD card Format. I can format with my Samsung and my external PC card reader in both FAT and FAT 32 and both work fine in the phone.

    What I can do it get this 2 gig card to format as more than 1 gig.

    I read somewhere that if you format in the phone first, reformating on the PC will be a problem. Which is what I did. Much like the original poster of this thead I did not have the external card reader when I first purchased the card.

    I bought the external reader to see if I could get the card to show up on my PC as 2 gig and I cannot. My daughter has one as well with the same problem.

    I'm using XP and an external USP SD reader.

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